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Prevent wildlife infestations

Three Common Service Options, Price Range, And Benefits

1. Simply trapping and removing.  This is typically the cheapest short-term option, with prices ranging from $150 to $350 per animal plus a set up or inspection fee. The challenge with this approach is that the animals return more than 50% of the time, and you

Price Guide For Wildlife Removal Services

One of the first questions a client asks when calling our wildlife removal company in Charlotte and Surrounding areas is how much it will cost to remove wildlife from their home. While this is not an easy question to answer over the phone, I will

Bats – Unwelcomed Guests in Your Home

Bats eat insects and can be interesting creatures to watch at night, but if bats get inside the home, they can be dangerous, and that should be your cue to call in a wildlife removal expert in North Carolina. When bats make it inside the

Squirrels: The Dangers of them Living In or Near a Home

Cute and playful, squirrels aren’t usually known for being dangerous. However, they can cause significant damage to homes and yards, and they do carry diseases that can be fatal to humans. Homeowners who have encountered squirrels that are just a little too close to the

Raccoons: Why You Don’t Want Them As Roommates

Raccoons seem cute and cuddly and many people say that they would love to have one as a pet. Did you know that raccoons are extremely dangerous to humans?  If a raccoon inhabits your home or even your attic, it’s very important to let them